Artex Hills Kennels, LLC, Pet Training  Dog, Texarkana, AR

Our handmade, biothane type leashes and collars are made to your specifications.  We carry only products that we use ourselves...

We offer several options for training for you and your beloved pet.  From basic obedience and good manners to competition focused heeling.... 

Our best option for the owners that want their dog trained, but don't have the time to start the training themselves. 

Our climate controlled kennels are available to safely be a home away from home.  The kennels are divided by solid panels...

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Dog Training and Boarding in Texarkana

ArTex Hills Kennels offers dog training and boarding in Texarkana and surrounding areas.  We can guide you with dog training advice in dog training classes or our favorite service, board and train.  Learning how to communicate clearly is the key.   Teaching becomes a game, not a chore.  Your dog will look forward to learning, and will develop a stronger relationship.