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We hold ourselves to a standard that's higher than anyone else in the industry. Put us to the test, and you'll see.

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Simply put, our mission is devoted to you--making the most of your relationship with your dog. 

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I  was a law enforcement specialist and worked closely with the K9 officers.  I was able to work temporarily as a kennel attendant and became hooked on working dogs.  After discharge, I pursued a career in law enforcement.  After getting enough street experience, I started a K9 unit in Parker County, TX.  My police service dog had been trained in Schutzhund, but I trained her for a police protection and narcotics detection.   I was fortunate enough to train with almost all of the different police agencies in  Tarrant County (DFW).  Even after later changing careers, I continued to train dogs for fun.  In 2012, I was fortunate enough to get another working line German Shepherd.  I then joined a Schutzhund Club and continue to train and compete in the sport. 

I enjoy working with every breed and respect each dog's on personality and drives.  No dog is untrainable, it's all about finding what they want to work for.   A dog may be "Man's (or women's) Best Friend", but it's our responsibility to be theirs as well.  Happy training!

I grew up with dogs and horses and always enjoyed the results of training animals.  In junior high and high school I trained and competed in horse shows and play days in barrel racing, western pleasure and every other event offered.  After graduation, I felt a need to serve my Country and joined the Air Force in 1984. dog training advise

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