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Extended Boarding


Is your dog driving you crazy?  Is he or she jumping on you and your family and friends?  Does your dog drag you when going for a walk?  We can help!  Bring your dog in for an initial evaluation and we can set up a plan for you and your dog to change these behaviors.  

Private lessons

A block of 5 lessons is $300.00  You can set your schedule to fit your needs.  Most people prefer one session a week to go home and practice what you and your buddy have learned, but we leave it up to you.

Board and Train

4 weeks of intense training suited to for people who really don't have time to do the training themselves.  The training we provide is individually set up for you and your pet's needs.  This package includes a lifetime of free follow up lessons with this dog, along with free training whenever the dog returns for boarding.  The cost for this package is $1050.00  


There is no other boarding facility in the area like us!  We charge $20 per night for the first dog.  $10.00 for a 2nd dog if staying in the same kennel.  Boarding for 8 nights or more?  Our price decreases to $17.50 per night.  Our Mason Ultra Base Kennels are climate controlled with off premise monitoring surveillance cameras.  A constant air flow from the central heat and air is eliminated thru and exhaust fan system to decrease any odors.  The sides of the kennels are solid panels to prevent cage fighting or contamination.  We have two fenced yards with 10' metal fencing for one of the yards to keep your dog safe.  We also allow the dogs to play indoors, with our cushioned mats to prevent injuries when playing.  Sales tax not included in pricing.

We offer boarding, board and train and individual private sessions.